The Event Calendar module is an excellent feature for businesses who have ongoing events such as live music, for example. The calendar will hold events for up to 30-60 days in the future (depending on what version your App is). You can set one-time events or recurring events.

To Get Started:

  1. Go to the CMS (
  2. Login using your unique credentials.
  3. Click Calendars in the left-hand navigation menu.

The first thing you will see is any existing Calendars. Calendars can be location specific as needed.

To Create a New Calendar:

  1. Click Add New in the top right corner in the blue bar.
  2. Name your Calendar.
    1. The name of your Calendar will not be seen by your App users.
  3. Select the applicable locations.
  4. Select your time zone.
  5. Click Save.

Once your Calendar is created, it is time to add your Events.

To Add an Event:

  1. Click Add Event in the top right corner in the blue bar.
  2. Select your Event date.
  3. Select your Event time.
  4. If the event is recurring, select your recurrence parameters.
  5. Title your event.
  6. Leave a description of your event in the Long Description box. Include information such as times, cost, and what your customers can expect about the event.
  7. Click Save.

When you are all finished editing and saving your Calendar, be sure to publish the changes so your customers will see the updates as well.