Digital punch cards or “rewards” are the most interactive content you have available with your App program. Customers get to earn rewards each time they visit or make a qualifying purchase, and this keeps them not only engaging with the App, but coming back for repeat business time and time again.

To Get Started:

  1. Go to the CMS (
  2. Login using your unique credentials.
  3. Click Punch Cards in the left-hand navigation.

To Create a New Punch Card:

  1. Click Add New in the top right corner in the blue bar.
  2. Name your punch card when prompted. (Tip: name your card what the offer will be)
  3. Click Create.
  4. Choose your punch card template by clicking on the drop down and selecting the desired design.
  5. Title should be the name of the offer you will be giving. (Not visible in App)
  6. Description should state what the customer must do to earn a punch, how many times, and what the end reward will be. This content is shown within the App to the end-users. (Ex. Purchase 9 Burgers at regular price, get your 10th burger free!)(Ex. Spend at least $15 (before tax) during your visit, 7x, get $10 Off your next purchase! One punch per day.)
  7. Reward Title should again just be the name of the offer you will be giving.
  8. Reward Description should state what the offer is that they are redeeming. This content is shown within the App to the end-user as well. (Ex. Show this card to the staff to receive $10 Off your purchase! Not valid with other offers.)
  9. Holes should list the number of punches the card will have. It is recommended to keep this number below 9 to ensure it fits properly on the card.
  10. Reusable should be checked if the card should reload automatically each time it is redeemed, or unchecked if you want the card to be a one time use only. (Typically only the Download Incentive card will NOT be reusable.)
  11. Max punches per day should just list the amount of time a customer can punch their card in one day.
  12. Skip over Punch Card Type and Push Notification Message.
  13. Pin Code Number and Barcode Pin should match what your other punch cards in the CMS have.
  14. Click Save.

Assign the Punch Card to a Location:

  1. Click Assign Locations in the top right corner in the blue bar.
  2. Check the boxes next to the applicable locations.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Save in the top right corner in the blue bar.

Note: Pin Numbers and Barcode Numbers CAN be changed; however, by changing your Barcode Number, your laminated printed barcodes will no longer work as they are printed with a specific number code. If you need new codes, please contact your Account Manager. Changing your Pin Number will not affect any printed elements but please be sure that your key staff members are aware so there is not a disruption on being able to punch/redeem cards. Codes must be limited to 6 characters.

When you are all finished editing and saving your Punch Cards, be sure to publish the changes so your customers will see the updates as well.