This video tutorial will walk you through the process for punching and redeeming your customers rewards cards and coupons. You can also read through the step-by-step text only version below.


Understanding the Redemption Process is an important step to prepare you and your staff for punching and redeeming your customers’ rewards cards and coupons. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through that process.

Download Incentive Card (One-Time Use)

The download incentive is your thank you to customers for downloading your App onto their device and is the first reward card they will see. Punching and Redeeming this reward is a 2-step process:

  1. “Unlocking” the reward.
  2. “Redeeming” the reward to remove it from your customer’s device.

Reusable Punch Cards

Loyalty Club Cards promote repeat business by giving your customers the opportunity to earn punches, and ultimately to receive rewards for their purchases.

A few notes about reusable punch cards:

  1. When a card is “punched”, the icon will change so that you and your customer can keep track of the punches they’ve earned.
  2. If the card is set to limit the number of punches earned in one day, a pop-up message will alert the user if they’ve reached their maximum number of punches.
  3. Once all of the punches are completed, the last scan will “unlock” the reward and the congratulations screen will appear.
  4. When your customer claims their reward, remember to follow the steps to redeem the reward so the card will renew and allow the customer to begin earning punches again.


You will need either your laminated bookmark with your barcode which was provided in your shipment of your printed promotional items upon launching your App, OR your unique pin number. The pin option is usually reserved as a backup to the barcode. For security reasons, we recommend only management and trusted employees are given the pin code. You provided with your pin upon launch, but you may retrieve it or have it reset by contacting your TLS Coach directly, or email [email protected].


  1. Ask your customer to tap “Punch Card” on their device, below the card.
  2. Ask your customer to then tap “Scan Code” (or “Enter Pin” if preferred).
    1. Scan Code
      1. A new window will open with access to the device’s camera (iPhone users will be prompted to allow the App to access their device’s camera. Android users will not display this prompt.)
      2. Your customer will point their camera toward the laminated bookmark to scan the barcode. (If the barcode doesn’t scan right away, be sure it is positioned so that it appears fully within the camera frame. To help focus, move the device closer or farther away from the bookmark as necessary, or ‘tap the center of the screen’ to help the device focus over the barcode.
    2. Enter Pin
      1. Take the customer’s device.
      2. Enter your unique pin number being sure not to reveal the number to your customer.
      3. Tap “Ok”.
  3. Once scanned or once pin is entered:
    1. The download incentive, a one-time use only card, will display the congratulations screen and reveal the reward which can now be redeemed.
      1. Do note forget that you MUST follow the above steps a second time so the card disappears entirely.
    2. A reusable card will either show the congratulations screen if it is the user’s last punch needed in order to reveal their reward, OR you will notice that one of the punches on the card has changed, showing that it has been earned.


In-App coupons are a great way to give more offers to those customers that have downloaded your App. To access, your customer will tap the “Coupons” module from the side bar or scroll-up menu. Any available coupons, including existing or future LocalFlavor coupons, will appear.

When your customer is ready to use the coupon:

  1. Ask them to tap “Tap to Redeem”.
    1. A warning will appear notifying them that the “Redeem” button should only be pressed at the time of purchase. They can redeem now, or choose to cancel and use at a later date.
  2. To continue with redemption, ask your customer to tap “Redeem”.
    1. The coupon will gray out and will show a series of device specific numbers, making the coupon void of repeat use.
    2. Used (and unused) coupons will disappear from the device once the expiration date arrives.