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February 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
2/2/2017 Groundhog Day General The groundhog can't predict spring but we can predict savings with this great offer
2/3/2017 Wear Red Day General Wear RED for Women's Heart Health Awareness and get (fill in offer) off your purchase, valid today only
2/6/2017 Frozen Yogurt Day Ice Cream Shop Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day with a FREE 6 oz cup! Hurry in, this offer is valid today only. 
2/7/2017 Fettuccine Alfredo Day Restaurants Give your fork a twirl in our rich and creamy Fettuccine Alfredo! Tap here & save with this delectable deal!
2/9/2017 Bagel Day Bakery We're spreading Bagel Love! Get a FREE bagel with in store purchase, today only!
2/9/2017 Pizza Day Pizza Shop It's the best day day of the year…Natl Pizza Day! Stop in for a FREE slice to celebrate.
2/11/2017 Make a Friend Day Pet Shop Today we're helping to bring friends together. Get XXX off adoption fees, today only!
2/14/2017 Valentine's Day General We can make your Valentin's Day a little more romantic with this great offer
2/14/2017 Valentine's Day General Tap here for a special offer to sweeten your day!
2/14/2017 Valentine's Day General Love is in the air, celebrate with us! 
2/14/2017 Valentine's Day Restaurants Eat your HEART out with this exclusive Valentine's Day offer!
2/14/2017 Valentine's Day Salon Indulge in yourself this Valentine's Day…He will notice! Tap here for sweet savings. 
2/14/2017 Valentine's Day Restaurants It will be love at first bite with this Valentine's Day Special!
2/14/2017 Valentine's Day Restaurants Make it an evening to remember! Make your Valentine reservations today. 
2/14/2017 Valentine's Day Salon Steal hearts this Valentine's Day with our help!
2/18/2017 Drink Wine Day Restaurants/Bars It's National Drink Wine Day, so stop in and have a glass on us! Tap here for details
2/20/2017 Presidents Day General Presidential savings for our VIP customers
2/20/2017 Love Your Pet Day Pet Shop Show your furry friend some love today! Visit us today for a FREE dog or cat treat. Valid today only!
2/22/2017 Margarita Day Restaurants/Bars Take a trip to Margaritaville! All Margaritas are XXX, today only! 
2/23/2017 Dog Biscuit Day Pet Shop Treat Man's Best Friend to a FREE Dog Biscuit with any purchase. 
2/23/2017 Chili Day Restaurants Add a little spice to your life with a FREE cup of Chili! Offer valid today only for Natl Chili Day.
2/28/2017 Mardi Gras General Pump up the party with these Mardi Gras savings

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March 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
3/2/2017 Old Stuff Day Consignment Shops It's time to do Spring Cleaning in your closet! Bring in your Old Stuff to make $$ for some NEW Stuff. 
3/7/2017 Pancake Day Restaurants It's National Pancake Day! Come in for a Short Stack on us. 
3/9/2017 Meatball Day Restaurants The perfect meatball is shared w/ someone you love! Get a BOGO spaghetti & meatball dinner to celebrate Natl Meatball Day. 
3/12/2017 Girl Scout Day General Bring in your girl scout vest or sash and receive ____ off. Tap here for coupon
3/12/2017 Daylight Savings General It's almost time to spring forward with these great offers. Tap to redeem.
3/12/2017 Daylight Savings General Spring Forward with these great offers
3/14/2017 March Madness General The college basketball countdown begins with this great offer
3/14/2017 March Madness Restaurants & Bars Basketball madness + great food = an evening of fun (or a weekend of fun)
3/14/2017 March Madness General Ah! The madness that is March! Join us for the hoopla and savings ____. Tap for coupon.
3/14/2017 March Madness General We won't make you jump through hoops for these special offers. Just tap here!
3/14/2017 March Madness General Basketball & hockey playoffs, baseball spring training and these great offers! Tap for coupon.
3/14/2017 March Madness Restaurants & Bars Basketball + great food and beer + these special coupons = a great night out. Tap for coupons.
3/14/2017 Pi Day Restaurants Small Plain Pizza Pi's are only $3.14 in honour of Natl Pi Day! 
3/14/2017 Pi Day Restaurants Get a slice of Pi-e for only $3.14. There's nothing irrational about this offer!
3/17/2017 St. Patrick's Day General Everyone has the luck of the Irish with these St. Paddy's Day deals. Tap for savings.
3/17/2017 St. Patrick's Day General Feel luckier than a leprechaun with these great deals from ____. Tap for savings.
3/17/2017 St. Patrick's Day General Save some green at the end of the rainbow with these special offers. Tap for savings.
3/17/2017 St. Patrick's Day General Everyone's a little Irish this St. Paddy's Day. Enjoy the luck of the Irish with a ____.
3/17/2017 St. Patrick's Day General Feel luckier than a leprechaun and save
3/21/2017 Single Parent Day General Hat's off to single parents! Your hard work, devotion & sacrifices deserve a reward, tap here for details
3/21/2017 Single Parent Day Spa Being a single parent can be stressful! Pamper yourself today with a (fill in spa treatment special)
3/23/2017 Puppy Day Pet Shops It's National Puppy Day! Save XXX on all Puppy adoptions. 
3/27/2017 Joe Day Coffee Shop Your name doesn't have to be Joe to celebrate Natl Joe Day! Stop in for a FREE cup of Joe with any purchase
end of March Easter teaser General Hopping everybunny will enjoy this exclusive Easter offer
  Spring   Salon Get ready to look your best this spring with this offer. Tap for coupon.
  Spring Salon Shed your winter look and get ready for warm weather
  Spring General Time to come out of hibernation and enjoy these special offers. Tap to redeem.
  Spring General Looking ahead to warmer weather with these specials just for you. Tap for coupon.
  Spring General Start planning your summer fun, enjoy this special offer. Tap for coupon. 
  Spring General Don't be fooled, April is on its way. Until then, enjoy these savings! Tap for coupon.
  Spring Salon Refresh and Renew. Let your beauty bloom with a ____. (fill in service/offer)
  Spring Golf The grass is getting greener. It's tee time!
  Spring Restaurants & Bars Our deck is now open. Get some fresh air! (restaurant with a deck)
  Spring General Welcome spring with these special offers. Tap for savings.
  Spring General March into spring and take advantage of these warm weather offers. Tap for savings.
  Spring General Think spring! We can help with these special offers from ____. Tap for savings.
  Spring General Spring into summer with these hot deals. Tap for savings.
  Spring Tanning Get ready for the summer sun with a base tan to protect your skin! (promote offer or special bed)
  Spring General Our VIP coupon for ____ is about to expire! Hurry in before these great savings blow away with the March wind!
      Bounce in for special savings
      Put these savings in your bracket!
      Save some green this weekend

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April 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
4/1/2017 April Fools Day General Start April with this fool-proof XXX (fill in offer) Tap for savings.
4/1/2017 April Fools Day General Here are the tools for a great April Fools'.  Enjoy this offer
4/1/2017 April Fools Day General Save XXX when you tap the App for your VIP coupon. It might be April Fool's Day, but this is NO JOKE!
4/1/2017 April Fools Day Restaurants & Bars FREE BEER TODAY!..............HaHa April Fool's - but we do have the best (fill in) in town!!!
4/1/2017 April Fools Day General A great start to April - no foolin'
4/3/2017 Pony Express Day General Faster than the Pony Express, tap for this great offer!
4/5/2017 Deep Dish Pizza Day Restaurants & Bars You don't have to dig deep into your pockets for this deal! Tap here for details. 
4/7/2017 National Beer Day Restaurants & Bars It's National Beer Day! Come in and have a few. (insert any specials)
4/10/2017 Siblings Day Restaurants & Bars Take your sibling out for a great meal and save. Tap for coupon.
4/10/2017 Siblings Day General Siblings are special. Spend some time together and save. Tap for coupon.
4/10/2017 Passover Begins General Save with these Passover specials. Tap to view.
4/10/2017 Passover Begins General Seder savings from us to you this Passover. Tap for coupon.
4/10/2017 Passover Begins General Plan your Passover festivities. We can help
4/11/2017 Pet Day Pet Shop It's National Pet day, so show your loyal companion some love with this great offer! Tap here for details
4/12/2017 DEAR (Drop Everything and Read Day)  General C'mon in and read through these awesome specials
4/13/2017 Make Lunch Count Day Restaurants & Bars  It's Make Lunch Count Day. Get away from your desk & join your co-workers for a real lunch with stimulating conversation!
4/16/2017 Easter General Everybunny loves savings. Enjoy this offer
4/16/2017 Easter General A little peep of Easter
4/16/2017 Easter Restaurants & Bars Easter's early this year. Enjoy your first taste of spring. Tap for coupon. 
4/16/2017 Easter General You don't have to go on an egg hunt to find these savings, simply tap here!
4/16/2017 Easter General Hoppy Easter! Tap here for egg-stra special coupons!
4/16/2017 Easter Salon Get ready for Easter with this extra Sweet Special…(fill in offer)
4/17/2017 National Beer Day Restaurants & Bars It's National Beer Day….yes, there is a day for everything! Stop in to have a few. Cheers!
4/17/2017 Patriot's Day General Our true colors shine through with this Patriot's Day offer. Tap for coupon.
4/17/2017 Tax Deadline Day General Finish filing your taxes and c'mon in for ____ (fill in special)
4/17/2017 Tax Deadline Day General Use your refund wisely…with us! 
4/17/2017 Tax Deadline Day General Give yourself & your wallet a break this tax season with this GREAT offer. Tap to redeem.
4/17/2017 Tax Deadline Day Restaurants & Bars Tax Day Got You Stressed? Flip "Stressed" around and you've got DESSERTS! Let us ease the Tax Day stress w/ a FREE DESSERT *tap for coupon*
4/22/2017 Earth Day General Save some paper, save some money with this App-only special offer. Tap to redeem
4/22/2017 Earth Day General Springtime savings this Earth Day. Tap for coupons. 
4/22/2017 Earth Day General Plant some flowers this Earth Day and save. Tap for savings.
4/22/2017 Earth Day General Plant some savings this Earth Day with this offer. Tap for savings.
4/2-4/4 End of March Madness Restaurants & Bars The final college basketball countdown begins. Join us for the big games on TV and a great meal.
4/2-4/4 End of March Madness Salons While they watch the final hoops, pamper yourself with this springtime offer. Tap to redeem.
Apr  general General General April showers bring - a great deal for you, our VIP customer
Apr prom high school prom season flowers, tanning, transportation Prom planning and savings with this special offer
  Spring General April showers bring great savings. Tap to redeem.
  Spring General Are you ready for spring? Save with these springtime specials.
  Spring Salons Look your best this spring! 
  Sports General Home run specials just for you! Tap for savings. 
  Spring General A bouquet of savings, just tap here!
  Spring Salons Get ready for summer with this special offer. Tap for coupon. 
  Sports General Hit it out of the park with these great savings! Tap for coupons. 
  Sports General Enjoy these grand slam deals! Tap for savings. 

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May 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
5/1/2017 Natl Loyalty Day General Come in to celebrate National Loyalty Day and get a double punch on XXX (fill out applicable punch card)
5/4/2017 Natl Renewal Day Dry Cleaning Renew and Refresh your XXX (fill in service: linens, wedding dress, etc.) for only XXX (fill in discount). *Tap here for coupon*
5/4/2017 Natl Renewal Day Salons Renew your look and SAVE! Get XXX (fill in discount) off XXX (fill in product or service) for National Renewal Day. Today only, so hurry in!
5/4/2017 Natl Renewal Day Tanning Salons All Membership Renewals are XXX. Today only in honor of Natl Renewal Day!
5/4/2017 National Day of Prayer General Blessings and savings on the National Day of Prayer
5/5/2017 Cinco De Mayo General Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us!
5/5/2017 Cinco De Mayo General Olé!  Join us for our Cinco de Mayo party and enjoy these special offers. Tap for coupons.
5/5/2017 Cinco de Mayo General Celebrate Cinco de Mayo into the weekend with this limited time offer
5/12/2017 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day General Help us Stamp Out Hunger and SAVE! Bring in any non-perishable food item and receive XXX off.
5/14/2017 Mother's Day General Pamper Mom this Mother's Day with ____ (fill in special/offer)
5/14/2017 Mother's Day spa, salon Why limit Mother's Day to just one day? Gift Cards give her the freedom to enjoy a little TLC whenever is most convenient. 
5/14/2017 Mother's Day General Special Moms deserve special savings. Tap here for coupons. 
5/14/2017 Mother's Day Restaurants & Bars Take Mom out for a great meal.  We do the cooking and clean up while you enjoy her company.
5/14/2017 Mother's Day General Show Mom how much you care on her special day. Treat her to ____ (fill in special/offer)
5/14/2017 Mother's Day General Give Mom something to smile about. Our Gift Cards make the perfect gift! 
5/14/2017 Mother's Day general A special day for mom and savings for you
5/14/2017 Mother's Day general Practical savings for practical moms
5/14/2017 Mother's Day spa, salon A great spa deal for you, Mom. Enjoy your special treat
5/18/2017 No Dirty Dishes Day Restaurants & Bars Honor National No Dirty Dishes Day by letting us do all the cooking for you! No Dish-washing required!
5/19/2017 Pizza Party Day Restaurants & Bars Get your party on, it's National Pizza Party Day! Stop by for a pie and get one FREE!
5/20/2017 Armed Forces Day General We appreciate your service! Come in today with your Military ID and get XXX as our thanks for serving our country!
5/25/2017 Wine Day Restaurants & Bars Celebrate Wine Day with a FREE glass of wine! Hurry in, offer valid today only!
5/25/2017 Wine Day Restaurants & Bars It's National Wine Day….like we need an excuse! Come in for a FREE glass of your favorite Vino!
5/26/2017 Natl Don't Fry Day Tanning Salons Don't fry yourself in the sun! Let us give you a SAFE sun-kissed glow with one of our spray tans! 
5/28/2017 Burger Day Restaurants & Bars Celebrate National Burger Day with a juicy patty fresh off our grill for only XXX. Today only!
5/29/2017 Memorial Day General Join us in honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day.
5/29/2017 Memorial Day General Join us for the unofficial start of summer this Memorial Day with these special offers. Tap for savings.
  Graduation general Celebrate 2016 graduates and save with this special offer
  Graduation general Graduate to the next level of savings with with great offer
  Wedding Shower General Enjoy this shower of savings before your big day
  spring gardening theme   Dig into savings with this special offer
  heading toward summer general Feel the heat and enjoy the savings with this start of summer offer
  heading toward summer general Pool-opening, flip-flop wearing, summer-ready savings for you

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June 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
6/1/2017 Go Barefoot Day Nail Salons It's Go Barefoot Day! Enjoy XXX off all pedicures to celebrate! Hurry in, this offer is valid today only.
6/2/2017 Donut Day Bakery Today is Donut Day! Our day is your treat of one free donut.
6/6/2017 D-Day Patriotic/General A salute to our soldiers! A 20% discount for active and retired military this D-Day
6/7/2017 Chocolate Ice Cream Day Ice Cream Shop I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for Chocolate Ice Cream! Save XXX on any Chocolate Cone, today only. 
6/8/2017 Best Friends Day Spa/Salon It's time for a Girls Day! Bring your Bestie for a Buy One XXX (fill in service), Get 2nd at HALF PRICE! 
6/8/2017 Best Friends Day Restaurants & Bars Celebrate Best Friends Day with Us! *Tap here for an App Exclusive BOGO coupon*
6/14/2017 Flag Day General Wear an American flag and receive 
6/16/2017 Flip Flop Day Nail Salons Pop in for a pedicure for National Flip Flop Day. 20% off pedicures June 13-17
6/18/2017 Splurge Day Salon/Spa It's National Splurge Day! Treat yourself to a XXX (fill in deluxe service) for just XXX (fill in discount)! Valid today only. 
6/18/2017 Splurge Day Restaurants & Bars Splurge on a decadent XXX (fill in dessert) to treat yourself for National Splurge Day! 
6/18/2017 Father's Day General Enjoy these great deals while you spend time with your father this Father's Day! Tap for savings. 
6/18/2017 Father's Day General Help Dad relax this Father's Day with XXX (fill in offer or special)
6/18/2017 Father's Day General Dad's special day just got better with these special offers! Tap for savings.
6/18/2017 Father's Day Restaurants & Bars Treat Dad this Father's Day with a delicious meal! * Tap here to save XXX off your ENTIRE check *
6/20/2017 Vanilla Milkshake Day Ice Cream Shop We're giving FREE Small Vanilla Milkshakes to celebrate Vanilla Milkshake Day! Hurry in, valid today only. 
6/30/2017 Social Media Day General It's Social Media Day! Tap our App to Check In on Facebook page and SAVE XXX (fill in offer). 
  Summer General Start summer right with these great offers. Tap for savings. 
  Summer General Hot ~ Hotter ~ Hottest offers to cool off our customers. Tap for savings.
  Summer General Stop sweltering.  Enjoy these cool offers! Tap for savings.
  Summer General The dog days of summer mean discounts and deals for you! Tap for savings.
  Summer General Cool off with these super summer offer just for you.
  Summer General Breeze through summer with these tropical deals! Tap for savings.
  Summer General School is out, so is the sun. Enjoy these offers to have more fun. Tap for savings.
  Summer General/Salon Vacation or staycation - take some time to relax with these special summer offers, tap here.
  Summer Restaurants & Bars Too hot to cook? C'mon in, cool off, relax and enjoy these special offers! Tap to redeem.
  Summer auto Prevent breakdowns with proper auto maintenance. We'll keep you on the go
  Summer auto Get your car ready for a summer on the go with this special offer
  Summer car wash Keep your car looking like new with this car wash offer from _____.
  Summer car wash Car wash certificates make great summer gifts, and you get this special gift.

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July 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
7/20/2016 National Lollipop Day Sweet treats or restaurant Pop in and claim your free lollipop to celebrate National Lollipop Day
7/4/2017 Independence Day General It's a red, white and blue kind of weekend. Tap here to enjoy these sparkling offers!
7/4/2017 Independence Day General We're setting off fireworks with this great offer, so don't be a dud! Stop in to Celebrate with us!  Tap here & save
7/4/2017 Independence Day General Declare your independence from high prices with this special offer.
7/4/2017 Independence Day General Happy 4th of July. Save as you celebrate
7/6/2017 National Fried Chicken Day Restaurant Drumsticks and Wings 50% off to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day
7/6/2017 National Fried Chicken Day Restaurant Buy one order of wings, get one 50% off for National Fried Chicken Day
7/7/2017 Strawberry Sundae Day Ice Cream Shop All Strawberry Sundaes are HALF OFF in honor of Strawberry Sundae Day!
7/7/2017 Macaroni Day Restaurant Calling all Pasta Lovers! Enjoy (fill in discount) off all macaroni dishes for Macaroni Day!
7/8/2017 Video Games Day game store Gather all Gamers for a buy one, get one half off deal for Video Games Day
7/8/2017 Video Games Day arcade Celebrate the Games with a buy one, get one half off admission
7/9/2017 Sugar Cookie Day Bakery Sweeten your Day with a FREE Sugar Cookie! Today only, while supplies last. 
7/10/2017 Pina Colada Day Bars Do you like Pina Coladas? Well then come celebrate Pina Colada Day with us! 
7/11/2017 Mojito Day Bars Every hour is Happy Hour on National Mojito Day!
7/13/2017 French Fry Day Restaurant Would you like Fries with that? Get a FREE order of small fries for National French Fry Day! 
7/14/2017 Collector Car Appreciation Day Car Wash Get your Collector Car detailed at a discount! *Tap here for exclusive Collector Car Appreciation Day offer*
7/15/2017 Give Something Away Day General It's National Give Something Away Day and we're celebrating with a FREE (fill in product, service, item)!
7/19/2017 Daiquiri Day Bars Relax and recover from the heat of summer with a refreshing Daiquiri! 
7/20/2017 Lollipop Day Candy Shop We've got a sweet treat for you! Enjoy a FREE Lollipop to celebrate National Lollipop Day! 
7/23/2017 Hot Dog Day Restaurant Hot Diggity Dog, what a great deal! Show this message to get a FREE Hot Dog (while supplies last). 
7/24/2017 Tequila Day Bars One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila….MORE!!! We're celebrating Tequila Day right; join us!
7/24/2017 Parents Day General Treat Mom and Dad to a (fill in service, meal, etc) for Parent's Day. 
7/25/2017 Christmas in July General Enjoy this ho-ho-hot Christmas in July offer
7/25/2017 Christmas in July General Santa may be sleeping but we can celebrate Christmas in July
  Summer General Enjoy this summer special
  Summer General You make our summers special. Enjoy ____________as our thanks to you
  National Blueberry Month Restaurant Celebrate National Blueberry Month with a 20% discount on all blueberry desserts
  National Blueberry Month Restaurant Enjoy these berry-licious savings during National Blueberry Month
  National Blueberry Month Spa/Salon A berry wonderful discount on all blueberry-infused products
  National Hot Dog Month Restaurant Celebrate National Hot Dog Month with a Buy One, Get One Free
  National Hot Dog Month Restaurant Win a wiener a day for the month of July when you share your favorite Hot Dog recipe
  National Ice Cream Month Restaurant Scoop up the savings. Buy one ice cream dish/cone and get another one of equal or lesser value 50% off
  National Ice Cream Month Restaurant Create your own combo. Two scoops for the price of 1
  Summer General Surf the savings and enjoy this special offer
  Summer General Splash through the summer (Cool off this summer) with this great offer
  Summer Auto Don't overheat, come in for cool deals! Tap here for specail App offer

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August 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
2020 Olympics (thru Sun Aug 21) general Gold medal deals for our loyal customers
2020 Olympics (thru Sun Aug 21) bar/restaurant C'mon in and score a cold one as you cheer on our athletes
2020 Olympics (thru Sun Aug 21) bar/restaurant Watch the Summer Games with us and save $20.16 on any check over $100
8/3/2017 National Watermelon Day restaurant Today only! Get a free slice of watermelon for National Watermelon Day
8/3/2017 National Watermelon Day bar 50% off any watermelon infused drinks in celebration of National Watermelon Day
8/4/2017 International Beer Day bar/restaurant Join us for a toast to International Beer Day
8/6/2017 International Friendship Day general Buy One and Treat your friend for 50% off for International Friendship Day
8/6/2017 National Sister Day general  Buy one and treat your sister for 50% off for National Sister Day
8/6/2017 International Friendship Day General Friends + savings = a BOGO FREE (half off, etc) deal for you
8/10/2017 National S'mores Day sweet Half off any s'mores flavored treat on National S'mores Day
8/13/2017 Left-Handers Day general Receive a 20% discount when you use your left hand
8/26/2017 National Dog Day bar/restaurant Bring your leashed, well behaved pup to the patio for a special treat
8/26/2017 National Dog Day groomer/pet care Schedule a basic grooming and get your dog's nails clipped for free
  Back to School Salon Start getting ready for school with 20% off a haircut
  Back to School restaurant Celebrate some family time before school starts with 20% your check
  Back to School sweet/ice cream It's almost time for school to start. Enjoy summer's last licks with 20% off
  Back to School restaurant Refuel as you shop for back-to-school. 20% off your check
  Back to School general Enjoy this back to school surprise just for you
  Back to School consignment Fill out your back to school wardrobe for 20% off
  Labor Day general Get ready for your Labor Day fun with 20% off
  Labor Day general Enjoy the last blast of summer with these Labor Day savings

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September 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
9/2/2017 International Bacon Day bar/restaurant Everything's better with bacon!
9/4/2017 Labor Day general Kick off the fall with this back to school deal
9/4/2017 Labor Day salon/spa Back to school means back to you. Enjoy this offer
9/5/2017 National Cheese Pizza Day pizza place Half off any size cheese pizza to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day
9/5/2017 Cheese Pizza Day Restaurant/bar Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day with this yummy offer
9/9/2017 National Teddy Bear Day general/kids Bring in your teddy bear and get a 20% discount
9/9/2017 Stand Up to Cancer Day general Think pink and stand up to cancer today
9/10/2017 Grandparent's Day general Thanks and savings for all you Grandparents out there
9/10/2017 Grandparent's Day bar/restaurant Bring your grandparent in for  lunch/dinner and save % on their meal
9/11/2017 Patriot Day general We're celebrating Patriot Day with this red, white and blue offer
9/11/2017 National Day of Service general  Welcome first responders and enjoy a % discount today as our thanks to you
9/12/2017 Chocolate Milkshake Day fast food/restaurant It's Chocolate Shake Day! Celebrate with this smooth, creamy offer
9/16/2017 National Step Family Day bar/restaurant Step out with the family and celebrate National Step Family Day
9/16/2017 official start of Oktoberfest bar/restaurant It's Oktoberfest in Munich! Join us and celebrate
9/18/2017 National Cheeseburger Day bar/restaurant Add cheese to your burger for 50 cents in celebration of National Cheeseburger Day
9/18/2017 National Cheeseburger Day bar/restaurant BOGO Free cheeseburgers, one day only. Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day
9/20/2017 Rosh Hashana begins at Sundown Jewish New Year Rosh Hashana specials through Friday, September 22
9/21/2017 International Day of Peace spa/salon Celebrate International Peace Day with % off a massage. One day only.
9/22/2017 start of fall general The Autumn Equinox begins. Celebrate the official start of fall with these offers
9/29/2017 Yom Kippur   Day of Atonement. Traditional Jewish Holiday
9/30/2017 Family Health and Fitness Day Entertainment/bowling/jump arenas Bring in the whole family for fun, fitness and savings on Family Health & Fitness Day
Pre-holiday reminders Pre-Holiday Restaurant/bar Time to reserve the best time, in the best space for your upcoming Holiday parties
September End of Summer Auto Gear up for fall with this special offer
September End of Summer Auto Fall tuneups XX% off. Get ready for the cooler weather
September End of Summer Auto Wipers and tires and brakes – time for your car’s pre-winter checkup
September End of Summer Entertainment C’mon in and enjoy the show. Special matinee prices for seniors this fall.
September End of Summer Entertainment Grab a sweater, bring a friend and check out this fall show special
  Labor Day Restaurant/bar It's "beerly" Oktoberfest . . . Join us for an ice cold pint (or two!)
  start of college football bar/restaurant Cheer on (school name) and save with this kickoff special
  football bar/restaurant Wear your team gear and save!
  football/baseball catering Celebrate your favorite sport. Order ahead for your weekend watch parties
  start of pro football bar/restaurant Gridiron savings every Sunday and Monday, plus the game is on TV. Join us!
  baseball playoffs    
  general fall   Rake in this special offer
  general fall   A hint of fall, a little chill and this great offer
  More Ideas  

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October 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
10/1/2017 Intl Coffee Day restaurant Wake up! It's International Coffee Day. Enjoy a FREE freshly brewed cup of coffee with your meal
10/2/2017 Name Your Car Day auto wash/maintenance Save 10% on all washes (services) when you tell us your car's name. Best name wins a special surprise!
10/4/2017 Taco Day Restaurant It's National Taco Day, your taste buds favorite holiday! Enjoy $1 Tacos ALL DAY to celebrate.
10/4/2017 National Golf Day pro shop or course Swing in and join us for National Golf Day. Enjoy 20% off a round of golf, pro shop purchases and more.
10/6/2016 National Poetry Day general For a limited time, order in rhyme - and enjoy a 20% discount for National Poetry Day
10/8/2017 Fire Prevention Day / Week general Test your smoke detectors and change the batteries for fall and winter safety
10/8/2017 Fire Prevention Day / Week restaurant/bar/wings We're bringing the heat. Buy one order of spicy hot wings, get the second 50% off
10/9/2017 Columbus Day Salon Columbus discovered America, but you can help someone discover the best massage deal in (town name) for just $XX!
10/9/2017 Columbus Day General  Sail into savings with this Columbus Day offer, tap for details
10/9/2017 Columbus Day General Save with these special Columbus Day offers, tap for details
10/13/2017 Friday the 13th General It's really good luck! Take 13% off all orders today only
10/14/2017 National Dessert Day restaurant/bakery Celebrate National Dessert Day with these sweet savings.
10/22/2017 National Nut Day general We're going nuts with this special offer on National Nut Day
10/22/2017 Mother-In-Law Day General  Show your Mother-In-Law extra love today and enjoy this 20% discount for you both! 
10/25/2017 World Pasta Day restaurant Celebrate World Pasta Day with 25% off any pasta entrée. Today only.
10/27/2017 American Beer Day Restaurant/Bar Show your patriotism, all American Beers are ($X/X%) off, today only!
10/28/2017 Chocolate Day Sweet treats or restaurant Enjoy this free taste of chocolate today only, in celebration of Chocolate Day
10/28/2017 Chocolate Day Restaurant Celebrate Chocolate Day with half off any chocolate treat (or dessert, donut, cookie, etc)Celebrate Chocolate Day
10/31/2017 Halloween general App-reciate these Halloween treats this weekend only (October 28-31)
10/31/2017 Halloween restaurant Enjoy a sensible meal before trick or treating with this offer.
Pre-Holiday Holiday catering Restaurant Make your Holiday party arrangements now. Spaces are filling up fast
  Fall Spa Keep your skin looking great this fall with this special offer
  Fall general Rake in the specials with this great offer
  Fall general Fall into this special offer
  Football restaurant/bar Cheer on your favorite team and enjoy this great offer (money off on beer, meal, delivery, etc)
  Baseball restaurant/bar Cheer on the men of October with a great xxxxxxxxxx
  Oktoberfest restaurant/bar Oktoberfest is in full swing. Join us for the celebration
  Fall auto Get your car cold weather ready now with a free 21 point inspection with the purchase of a service (service must be at least $30)
  Fall  car wash Clean up summer spills and get your car ready for winter with this car wash (car detailing) offer
  Fall general Enjoy this seasonal special as our gift to you
  Breast Cancer Awareness general Wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and receive xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  National Apple Month general It's Apple Month! Celebrate with us and receive 25% off any item made with apples.
  National Physical Therapy Month chiropracters and PT Stay in the game with a free evaluation from XXXXXX
  Fall salon/spa Leaf your worries behind and enjoy 20% off any spa services over $40
  Halloween general Tricks 'n Treats for some wicked good fun. Enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Fall Auto Don't fall behind on your vehicle maintenance, come in today for XXX (fill in offer) to keep truckin' all winter long!
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November 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
11/3/2017 Sandwich Day restaurant/bar Buy one sandwich, get one sandwich half off for Sandwich Day
11/3/2017 Sandwich Day restaurant/bar Celebrate sandwich day and save some bread with this great deal from
11/3/2017 Sandwich Day bakery A free loaf of bread with a $20 purchase this Sandwich Day
11/5/2017 Daylight Savings Ends general A little more sleep, the chill of fall, and pre-holiday savings for you
11/5/2017 Safety First! general Reminder: Change your smoke detector batteries and turn your clocks back 1 hour
11/7/2017 Election Day general Elect to take advantage of these super savings, today only
11/7/2017 Election Day general Savings wins out over politics any day. Join us for this Election Day deal
11/7/2017 Election Day restaurant/bar No matter what your political preference is, you gotta eat. Join us for this Election Day Special
11/11/2017 Veterans Day general A special offer for those who proudly serve in our military
11/12/2017 National Pizza Day restaurant/bar Pile on some free toppings to celebrate National Pizza Day
11/12/2017 National Pizza Day restaurant/bar Enjoy this great pizza meal deal any way you slice it
11/16/2017 Great American Smokeout Vape shops Make this switch to vaping. Great American Smokeout specials today only
11/23/2017 Thanksgiving general Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Join us tomorrow for lots of savings
11/23/2017 Thanksgiving general We want to THANK you for being a loyal customer this holiday season! Tap here to find out how
11/24/2017 Black Friday general Doorbuster sales starting at XXXX
11/24/2017 Black Friday restaurant/bar While others shop, enjoy Black Friday savings on any breakfast or lunch
11/25/2017 Small Business Saturday general Small Business Saturday specials - Today only
11/25/2017 Small Business Saturday general You are the heart of our business. C'mon in and see our Small Business Saturday specials
11/25/2017 Small Business Saturday general Tap the App for Small Business Saturday specials just for you
11/27/2017 Cyber Monday general Relax and Tap the App for Cyber Monday savings from
Holiday prep 2016 Upcoming restaurant/bar We can still cater your Holiday party. Give us a call for details.
  Upcoming auto wash/maintenance Get your car ready for Holiday travel. Receive 20% off all services on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday
  Upcoming salon Look your best this Holiday season with this offer
  Upcoming gift shop/retail/salon Be prepared for last-minute gift giving with stocking stuffer deals. Buy 5, get one free.
  Upcoming GIFT CARDS Make Holiday shopping fast and easy - c'mon in and check out our gift card special.
      Pick up some gift cards and enjoy a bonus just for you.

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December 2017

Date Holiday Industry Push Message Verbiage - and Offers
12/4/2017 Santa's List Day restaurant/bar You can't wrap a great meal. But a gift card is always App-reciated
12/4/2017 Santa's List Day general Hard-to-shop-for friends and family? Take advantage of Santa's List Day for these gift card specials
12/4/2017 Santa's List Day general Check that gift-giving list and c'mon in for this special offer
12/4/2017 Cookie Day bakery/restaurant Unleash your inner Cookie Monster for Natl Cookie Day! Stop in for a FREE (fill in cookie)
12/9/2017 Christmas Card Day general Let someone know you care. Send a Christmas Card. 25% Off all Christmas cards
12/9/2017 Christmas Card Day general Brighten someone's day with a special card. Buy one Christmas Card, get one for half price
12/9/2017 Christmas Card Day general Enjoy this VIP Gift Card Offer in celebration of Christmas Card Day
12/9/2017 Christmas Card Day general/retail Folks still love to get Christmas cards. We'll stamp and send them from here FREE
12/12/2017 Hanukkah starts Thru Dec 20  
12/21/2017 Winter solstice restaurant/bar FREE cup of soup with the purchase of a meal, to keep you warm during the winter solstice
12/21/2017 Winter solstice general Shorter days mean better deals. Enjoy this special offer
12/21/2017 Winter solstice general Warm up with this Winter Solstice offer
12/24 2017 Christmas Eve general Last chance discounts this Christmas Eve. Open until 6pm
12/24/2017 Super Sunday general Last minute shopping? We've got you covered with some in-store bargains
12/25/2017 Christmas    
12/26/2017 Kwanzaa general Celebrate Family, Community and Culture with this special Kwanzaa offer
12/26/2017 Kwanzaa General Cherish your family with love, light and laughter during this Kwanzaa celebration.
12/26/2017 Kwanzaa General Blessings and Peace during this season of Kwanzaa
12/31/2017 New Year's Eve general Say goodbye to 2016 with this great offer
12/31/2017 New Year's Eve general Ring in 2017 with this offer from us
12/31/2017 New Year's Eve restaurant/bar Join us for a rockin' New Year's Eve celebration
Holiday 2017 Christmas/Holiday restaurant/bar Let us Ho-ho-host your Holiday gathering with great food, great drinks and this offer
Holiday 2017 Christmas/Holiday general Jingle Bells, Super Sales, savings all the way! Join us for Holiday discounts
Holiday 2017 Christmas/Holiday restaurant Gather together for a great Holiday meal and save 20% as our gift to you
Holiday 2017 Christmas/Holiday general It's beginning to look a lot like Savings . . . C'mon in for a special surprise
Holiday 2017 Christmas/Holiday general See what savings Santa has for you here at XXXXX
Holiday 2017 Christmas/Holiday general Silver Bells, Super Sales, It's time to save on your gift cards. Save 20% when you purchase 5 or more gift cards of equal value
Holiday 2017 Christmas/Holiday car wash 20% off your Holiday car detailing. Some exclusions may apply
Holiday 2017 Christmas/Holiday general Sometimes the best gifts can't be wrapped, so enjoy 20% off all gift cards
Holiday 2017 LAST MINUTE GIFT CARDS Make last minute shopping fast and easy with a gift card. Check out these specials
Holiday 2017 Christmas/Holiday Spa Your skin will be glowing for the holidays with our (fill in treatment) special! 
Seasonal Winter  Tanning Salon Keep that summer GLOW all winter long with our limited time VIP Tanning Special, tap here for details
Seasonal Winter General These special offers will warm you through and through. Tap here and get toasty.
Seasonal Winter Spa Stay warm and feel pampered with this special offer. 
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