How to Send a Text Only email

1.) Log In: 

  • Enter your Email, and your Password. (*if you have lost your password, please contact the TLS Coaching Team at
  • Click "LOGIN"

2.) Click "Templates"


3.) Click "CREATE NEW"


4.) Give Your Template a Name

5.) Click “EMPTY” block



6.) Drag the “ROW” content block to the center of the page


7.) Drag the “TEXT” content block to the area above the ROW



8.) Click the “EDIT” button



9.) Type Your Message 

  • Edit as needed: bold, italics, underline, increase font size, change font type, center, right, left justify text, etc.
  • When finished, click “DONE”


10.) Click “SAVE” to save the template



11.) Click “EMAILS” to create your text only email from the Template



12.) Click the “CREATE EMAIL” button



13.) Give Your Email the Following:

  1. NAME:
  2. SUBJECT LINE: of the email
  3. PRE-HEADER (if you chose)
  • A Preheader is a short summary of text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox, to give the reader an idea of that the email contains before they open it. Preheaders can help in raising email open rates, click-through's, and reduce spam complaints.
  • The Preheader is also visible as a short summary at the very top of your email design 



14.) Choose a Send Date, and Time
Choose the date and time to send your email. (NOTE: you must choose a time that is 15 or more minutes from the current time.)

  • Check the “Include Options” button to include those customers who signed up via


15.) Choose the email you want to send

  1. Choose your Template
  2. Select the List you want to send the email to
  3. Click the SAVE button



16.) Your email is now scheduled to send at the time and date chosen.


Preview your Email: 

  • Click Copy and paste the URL into your browser window

Send a "Test" Email:  to send a test of your email before sending to your customer list

  1. IMPORTANT: SKIP STEP #14. It is important you do NOT choose a date and time, if you sending as a test send.
  2. add the email addresses you want to receive your test, in the "Send Test Email" section.
  3. Click “Send”

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