STEP #1: Create an Email Offer

Creating the offer should be the first step, so it is available to you when creating and customizing your email template. Follow these 4-steps to create an email offer. 

Watch this short video arrow.jpg Creating an Email Offer - Video

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1.) Click "Email Offers" on the left navigation panel.

Here, you can Create a New Offer, or search for an Existing Offer previously created.

a) Existing OffersIn the Email Offers Tab, you will see all Offers created for the Business, the name of the Offer, a thumbnail image and the expiration date of the Offer.

b) Create New OfferTo create an Email Offer you will simply click Create New.

c) Copy and Reuse Offers: You can copy existing offers, update specific fields, and save as a new offer. You can also delete offers you will no longer use.


2.) Create a New Offer

Click "Create New" in upper right corner, to open the Email Offer Builder.

a) Name the Offer: to easily locate this offer when adding it to an email

b) Choose an Expiration Date "Type": Choose the Type of expiration date for your offer. Choice are Absolute, Relative, or Text.

• ABSOLUTE Expiration Date: The offer will expire on this hard date.

1. Choose "Absolute Date" from the expiration type drop down menu

2. Click "Click to enter date", to display the calendar and select a date


• RELATIVE Expiration Date (Triggered offers):

This is the number of days for which the offer is valid, after the email has been sent.

1. Choose "Relative date" from the expiration type drop down menu

2. Click "Click to enter date", to display the drop-down menu to and type the number days the offer is valid after the email is sent. (Notice the expiration date displays in the offer below)


• TEXT Expiration Date:
 You can type any text regarding the expiration on the offer.

1. Choose "Text" from the expiration type drop down menu 

2. Click "Click to enter date", and type the expiration information you want to display on the offer.


3.) Add Content to the Offer

Once you have determined the Name and Expiration Type, you need to add the content.

The Title, Offer, Address, and Fine Print are all options that you click on to overwrite with your information.

Title: The Title of the Offer is a prelude to the offer. Example: 25% Off.

Offer: In "Offer" outline exactly what the offer is for. Example: All Summer Accessories.

Address: In the pop-up window, you can choose "Valid at all locations", or "Valid at participating locations". This is also a free form box if you would like to add an actual address.

Fine Print: Add specifics or restrictions for using the offer: Example: "Cannot be combined with other discounts, offers, or promotions"

Color: Change the color of Title, Offer and Border in the color picker.

1.) Click the arrows on the color picker boxes at the top right
2.) Move your cursor to choose a color, or add an HTML color code.
3.) Click "SAVE"



Include Images: You can also add an image to your offer.

1. Check "include Image" at upper right corner, to open the Image Picker window

2. Select an image by clicking on it, or choose "Upload Image" to upload a new image from your device


4.) SAVE: Click  in the upper right corner, to save your offer.

Your Next Step - Create an Email Template. Click "STEP #2: Create an Email Template"


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