STEP #2: Create an Email Template

After the Offer is created follow these steps, below, to create the Email Template. 

Watch short video:  arrow.jpg Creating an Email Template - Video

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1.) Click "Templates" on the left navigation panel

 Here, you can Create a New Template, or search for an Existing Template previously created.

a) Existing Templates: Search by name for previously created email templates. Click the name to open the template and makes changes.

b) Create New Template:  To create a new Email Template you will simply click Create New

c) Copy and Reuse Templates: Copy existing templates, make changes and save as new. Watch video  arrow.jpg Copy an Email Template - Video

You can also delete offers you will no longer use.



2.) Create a New Template

a) Click "Create New" in upper right corner, to open the Template Builder

b) Name your Template: Give your template a memorable name so you can easily locate it in the future. Example: Summer Discounts - July 2017

c) Choose a Template Layout: Choose from 7 predesigned Template layouts by clicking on the thumbnail image, or click "Empty" to create your own layout


d) Add Content Blocks:

Choosing Blocks: Choose from the various Content Blocks by clicking and dragging blocks to your template, and edit them by clicking the edit button above the item.

Add a Second Row: To add a second block to a row simply drag it to the left or right side of the box. Note: 2 content blocks fit into a row. If you want to add more blocks, first drag an additional row to you layout.

Preview Template: Once Done, click the Preview Box at the top to
see what it will look like. 


Content Block Types:

Row: Adding rows allows you to add more content blocks (Maximum 2 content blocks per row)

Image: Adds or changes the image. Click "Edit" and the Image Picker window will appear on the right side of the screen. You can either select the image or drag and drop into the pane

Text: Click "Edit" to open the text editor to add text, adjust color, size, etc.

Date: You can add the date to your Template and no alteration is needed. When the email is sent it will automatically appear correct

Button: The “Click Here” button will allow you to add any URL to direct your readers.

HTML: Use the HTML block to add your own HTML code

Coupon: This is where you will enter the email offer you created


 d) Edit Content Blocks:

 Edit an Image:

• Click EDIT to open the Image Picker window

• Click UPLOAD IMAGE, or click and drag images from the image library, into the edit box.



Edit Text

Click EDIT in the text content block, to open the Text Editor window
Type or copy/paste text, and use the tool bar to edit content.
• Click DONE, to save.



 e) SAVE your Template: Click SAVE in upper right corner. 

 Your Next Step - Click "STEP #3: Send an Email"

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