STEP #2: Create an Email Template

After the Email Offer is created, follow these steps to create your Email Template.


1.) Log in: 

  • Enter your Email, and your Password. (*if you have lost your password, please contact the TLS Coaching Team at
  • Click "LOGIN"


2.) Click  from the left navigation menu

3.) Click  in upper right corner

4.) Give tour template a name

  • TIP: Be sure to give it a memorable name to easily search for it in the email creator. 

5.) Choose a layout

You can use a predesigned Template layout, or Build Your Own.



 a.) Using a Template layout

• Click your desired template layout and edit the image and text.



• Add/Edit an Image

• Click EDIT to open the Image Picker window

• Click UPLOAD IMAGE, or click and drag images from the image library, into the edit box.



• Add/Edit Text

Click EDIT in the text content block, to open the Text Editor window
Type or copy/paste text, and use the tool bar to edit content.
• Click DONE, to save.



 b.) Build Your Own Layout

• Click "Empty"
• Then, click and drag the "ROW" box to begin adding content blocks.

* Add up to 2 content blocks to each row. Add additional ROW's as needed.

• Click save2.png




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