Order Notification Options

Total Loyalty always includes 24/7 order tracking and support. This includes reminder calls if orders have not been confirmed by one of the following order notification/confirmation options within a set amount of time.

Types of Notifications

Tablet: Receive and confirm orders by using an Android tablet and your restaurant’s wifi connection.

All-in-One Printer: Our most popular option, this includes a LCD screen and keypad that allows you to receive, confirm, and print orders all from one device. The device works with a Data plan only.

Email w/ Phone Confirmation: An email with the customer’s order is sent and your business will receive an automated phone call for order confirmation.

Fax w/ Phone ConfirmationReceive a fax and confirm the order by answering an automated phone call.

SMS Text Message: Receive and confirm orders via SMS text message.

POS Integration: Receive orders directly to your Point of Sale system

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