Order Notification Options

Total Loyalty always includes 24/7 order tracking and support. This includes reminder calls if orders have not been confirmed by one of the following order notification/confirmation options within a set amount of time.

Types of Notifications

Data Printer

  • Cost: $200 for the device, + $20/month for the data plan
  • Reliable device, no reported issues to date
  • Some limitations

WiFi Tablet:

  • Cost: $99 for the device, no monthly fee
  • If you don't have reliable WiFi, this would not be a recommended option
  • No ability to print unless you purchase your own compatible printer (Details upon request)


  • Cost: 5 cents per text
  • Can add as many cell phone numbers as you'd like
  • Easy to confirm orders
  • No print option


  • Cost: Free
  • Can add a many email addresses as you'd like, but only one would need to confirm the order
  • Con: your email will need to be monitored constantly which could be inconvenient during busy hours as there are additional steps through a website link that need followed in order to confirm the order
  • While our support team is available as a back-up resource to ensure that orders are not missed, an excess amount of support notification assistance will require that automated IVR calls be put into place. See fee below.

Fax w/ IVR Call

  • Cost: 10 cents per fax + 10 cents per IVR call

IVR Call:

  • Cost: 10 cents per call
  • No print option unless combined with Fax notification
  • Easy to confirm orders. Anyone at the restaurant can confirm the order on the call
  • Can be an add-on to email notifications
  • Con: may tie up phone lines when very busy

POS Integration: Receive orders directly to your Point of Sale system. Information and pricing upon request.

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