Total Loyalty powers online ordering for caterers. It’s never been easier for a caterer to offer online ordering to their clients and empower their customers to browse menus, customize items, schedule pick-up or delivery, and accept payment.

Catering Costs

Caterers can view for pricing for Total Loyalty’s online ordering solutions here:

Restaurants That Offer Catering

Restaurateurs may add their catering menu to their existing online ordering program for no additional costs. Sometimes a custom configuration is required for the catering menu. Some caterers increase the lead time to prepare an order, require a different type of order notification, or change the minimum order value. Custom configurations that are separate from the restaurant’s standard business logic for accepting online orders can be added for $99 monthly. Alternatively, restaurants may mention their catering requirements on their existing menu for free; however, the online ordering system will not be able to enforce separate catering rules without a separate account set up. The two examples are provided below:

Example One – Separate Business Logic (ordering rules enforced)

A restaurant uses a Total Loyalty Tablet near their register to receive online orders. The platform is configured to require a minimum order value of $20 and only accepts orders scheduled at least 20 minutes in advance.

This location pays $99 monthly for a custom catering configuration where catering orders are emailed to a manager in a back office, require a lead-time of 24 hours, and have an order minimum of $150 dollars.

The above is an example to separate business logic for standard vs. catering orders. The business logic rules are enforced by the software.

Example Two – Notification Added to Existing Menu

A restaurant adds a catering menu to their existing online ordering site and use its existing configuration. The minimum order values and lead times are added to their catering menu’s headers and descriptions.

There is no additional fee to add the catering menu and the software will not enforce the rules specific to catering. This means that an order may be received that doesn’t meet the requirements for any of the rules that differ from their regular online ordering menu. In such a case, these restaurants would need to contact the individuals who placed the order and explain that the requirements for catering.


Access to Catering Orders

Restaurant team members can access both regular and catering orders from their control panel.

Separate Catering Account Costs
The same as an additional location $99 + set-up fees and any additional order-notification system that may be needed.

Restaurants with Multiple Locations that Offer Catering

Total Loyalty’s online ordering software can handle multiple different workflows for online ordering and catering. Please contact a Total Loyalty Solutions Specialist for rates.

Example One: Central Catering Office:

One central catering office takes catering orders for all the locations, then only one additional account for catering. 

Uptown Bistro Lancaster: Order Online
Uptown Bistro Mountville: Order Online
Uptown Bistro Pittsburgh: Order Online
Uptown Bistro Catering Office (takes orders for all locations)

Example Two: Catering at Individual Locations:

Several locations receive catering orders at each individual location, an additional account will be needed for each.

Uptown Bistro Lancaster: Order Online + Catering Online
Uptown Bistro Mountville: Ordering Online + Catering Online
Uptown Bistro Pittsburgh: Order Online + Catering Online

Additional Considerations

The restaurant’s web developer could make a note on their website directing customers to call directly about catering, or submit a contact form that is dedicated to catering.

Here’s one example:

Interested in learning more?

For questions about your existing online ordering account, please contact:

If you would like to learn more about how Total Loyalty Solutions Online Ordering can benefit your business: Request a Free Demonstration


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