Sending Push Notifications

This video will show you how to schedule and send push notifications to keep customers connected, and coming back, to your business. 

You can also read through the step-by-step text version below the video.

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The 5 Best Practices for Great Push Notification Content


 How to Send a Push Message (see diagram below)

Log in to

1. Click on “Push Message” in the left-hand navigation bar

2. Type your Message (140 characters or less)

3. Choose where to send your customers: The optional URL feature allows you choose where you would like your customers to be directed after they open your message. (Click the drop down box to choose Coupons, Specials, Gallery, etc.)

4. If you are a Multi-Location business:

a. Send to all locations: Click “Send push message to all locations”
b. Send to only specific location(s):

    • Uncheck “Send push message to all locations:
    • In “Send push message to the following locations” box, select all locations that will receive your message. (* hold the Control key to select more than one location.)

5. Pre-schedule a push message for a future date and/or time:

a. Click “Send push message at a specific date”

b. Choose the date and time to send.
(* If you would like the message to send later in the same day, choose today’s date, and time.)

c. Click Send Message!

Click “Send Message” and your message will be sent on the date and time chosen, OR within 5-20 minutes if you have not scheduled it for a future time.

* No need to change “Cert Type” or “Platform” settings.

Example of a Push Message: "This Weekend Only: 50% off an appetizer with purchase of 2 Entrées."



Reporting tools are available to you within your content management system.

1. Select "Reports Dashboard" from the left side navigation.

2. The Notifications Panel displays the total number of push messages sent in your specified time period.

3. Click on the Notifications panel to view “Message Statistics” which displays date sent, the message, total number of devices that received your push message, and “Total Reach Over Time”.

4. Read our blog article App Reporting in Your CMS to learn more about the reporting available to you.


So, what do you actually say in your push message?

The idea is to stand out as much as possible. Your customers receive notifications from many different Apps. Make them notice yours.

Check out our library of offers, and 3 Tips to make your Mobile App Successful to learn how to build and grow loyal customers who come back again and again.


How much is too much?

  • How often you send a push depends on many factors like if you send the same message repeatedly. It will become like wallpaper to your reader so use it sparingly.
  • As a rule, send a minimum of one push a month, but no more than one per week.




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