Offering Discounts


Total Loyalty's Online Ordering software enables marketers to offer promotions for a percentage or dollar amount off a customer's order. These can be used to promote menu items, share specials or even to promote delivery orders. 

Customizing Your Discount 

There are several components that can be customized for each promotion:

  • Discount Type: You can choose between a percentage off an order or a fixed value. 

  • Order Threshold: This enables you to add a minimum value the customer must spend in order to receive the discount. 

  • Type of Order: Allow users to redeem the discount for any order or restrict the promotion to takeout, curbside, or delivery orders. 

  • First Time User Discount: Limit to the discount to only new customers who are placing their first order online. 

  • Promo Start: The beginning of when a discount can be applied. 

  • Promo End: The date that a discount can no longer be applied. 

  • Restrictions by Day: Limit the days that a discount can be redeemed on. 

You can always contact us in order to receive coaching on the best types of discounts to offer and for help customizing your promotion. Or, visit our step by step tutorial How to Add a New Promotion.


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