Adding a Recurring Event

When you add an event to your calendar, you can set it to repeat over a period of time (i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly). Creating a recurring event saves you the time and effort it would take to create separate listings for events that recur daily, weekly or monthly.

  1. Click on Calendars in the left-hand navigation bar in the Merchant Admin.

    Existing calendars will be shown.
  2. Click on the calendar name to add a recurring event.
  3. Click on the event name to edit the event, or add a new event by clicking Add Event.
  4. Select the Recurrence (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) and add an end date (MM/DD/YYYY) for the recurring event.
  5. Use the Recurrence Exclude Dates field to exclude dates from the event. Enter dates in MM/DD/YYYY format and separate multiple dates using commas. Example: 01/02/2013,11/23/2014
  6. Click Save. Any modifications you made to the event will be saved. The calendar will create a series of recurring events.
  7. Remember to complete a Build.
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