Adding a YouTube Video

Adding Video To Your Gallery. Videos are a great way to keep your customers entertained and informed -- and to keep them using your app. 

Step One: Upload your video to YouTube

It is easy to add YouTube videos to your app. To add a video to your app, make sure the video is public and available on YouTube first. You can upload YouTube videos at

Step Two: Copy the YouTube ID from your video.

  1. Navigate to your YouTube video.
  2. Copy the alphanumeric text after the equal sign.
  3. Save this YouTube ID so that you can use it in the next step. 

Step Three: Adding the YouTube Video to Your Gallery 

  1. Click on Galleries in the Merchant Admin.

    Any existing groups of galleries will be shown.
  2. Click the title of the gallery you would like to add the YouTube video to. This will bring you to the Edit Gallery screen.
  3. You will need to add a thumbnail image before you can add your YouTube video to your gallery. For help with adding a thumbnail, follow the Adding New Photos tutorial.
  4. Once you have added your thumbnail image, enter your YouTube ID (from Step Two) into the YouTube ID field.
  5. Click Save in the lower-right hand corner to save and confirm your changes.
  6. Remember to complete a Build in order for your changes to take effect on your app.



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