Adding New Photos

  1. Ensure the photo you would like to upload to your app is one of the following acceptable file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .html, .htm, .txt, .docx, .doc, .zip, .pdf
  2. Click on Galleries in the Merchant Admin.

    Any existing groups of galleries will be shown.
  3. Click the title of the gallery you would like to add a new photo to. (Or, create a new gallery.)

    This will bring you to the Edit Gallery screen.
  4. Click on Add Images found in the upper right-hand corner.

    A pop-up box will appear.
  5. Click Upload.

    An Upload pop-up box will appear.
  6. Either drag and drop files you would like to upload, or add files by clicking the Add Files button and then choosing the file you would like to add.
  7. Click the Upload button to add your files. A confirmation message should appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen that states , “Uploaded # files(s)” and all status bars should be at 100%.
  8. Click the Close button and you’ll be directed to your image browser.
  9. Pick the images you would like to add to your gallery by selecting the checkbox under your image.
  10. Click the Pick button to add the selected photos to your gallery.
  11. You can add a title to your images by using the textbox directly bedside the image’s thumbnail.
  12. Click Save in the lower-right hand corner to save and confirm your changes.
  13. Remember to complete a Build in order for your changes to take effect on your app.


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