Adding Product Items

  1. Click on Products in the left-hand navigation bar in the Merchant Admin.  

    Any existing product sets will be shown.
  2. Click the name of the product set. 
  3. Click on Add Item in the upper right-hand corner.

    The Add Product screen will appear.
  4. Select the section (i.e. Two-in-One Products). Enter the item's name, description, price and image. 

    • Name: Name of the product item that displays in the product section of the app.
    • Description: Description of the item.
    • Price: The price of the menu item.
      Enter a dollar amount (Ex: ‘7.99’) without the $ sign. The $ sign will automatically be added to the dollar amount after the build. If there is text on the price line (Ex: ‘2 for $5.00’), remember to add the $ sign.
    • Image: Add an image if you choose.
  1. Click Save or Save & Add Another to continue adding product items. 
  2. Click Save in the lower right-hand corner to save your changes.
  3. Remember to complete a Build.
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