Adding Product Items in Bulk

You can easily import a large amount of product items from a text editor using the Bulk Entry tool. 

Step One: Prepare Your Content

  1. Open the Bulk Import Template attached below.
  2. Replace template text with your product items. 

    • Line One: Title
    • Line Two: Description
    • Line Three: Price
      Enter a dollar amount (Ex: ‘7.99’) without the $ sign. The $ sign will automatically be added to the dollar amount after the build. If there is text on the price line (Ex: ‘2 for $5.00’), remember to add the $ sign.
    • Repeat as necessary until all product items are added. 
  3. Verify that each individual product item is on its own line. Do not skip spaces in between items.
  4. Save your file. 

Step Two: Import Content

  1. Click on Products in the left-hand navigation bar in the Merchant Admin. 
  2. Click on the product set.
  3. Click Bulk Entry.
  4. Select the appropriate product section from the Section dropdown box.
  5. Copy and paste (Ctrl + "C" and Ctrl + "V") your content from the file saved in Step One into the Data field. 
  6. Click Preview. 
  7. Verify each product item name, description and price.
  8. Click Go Back to Data if you need to edit anything. Or click Insert to import the content. 
  9. Remember to complete a Build.
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