Overview Of Services

Service Set, Service Set Tabs and Service Sections. What are they? What's the difference?

Service Set

  • A service set is the foundation for creating your service listing. It's the first step.
  • A service set must be assigned to a location in order for it to show in your app.

Service Set Tabs

  • You have the option of creating tabs to organize how customers view your services.
  • Tabs run across the top of the service set.
  • Each tab can contain service sections.

Service Sections

  • Each service set tab contains sections (i.e. hair services, massage services, etc.).
  • Individual service items are added to the sections.


In this example, one service set ("Our Services") contains all of the service tabs and sections. This service set has a tab for hair services and a tab for massage services. The hair services tab has a section for haircuts and and a section for color. Finally, the haircuts section lists each haircut service item and the color section lists each color service item -- and so on.


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