Ranking And Reordering Services

The Reorder tool is useful to display your most popular menu items and sections early in the app.
  1. Click on Menus in the left-hand navigation bar in the Merchant Admin.  
    Any existing menu sets will be shown.
  2. Click on the menu set that you would like to put in a different order.
    Your menu sections will be shown.
  3. To move an individual item, simply click and drag the item (the gray boxes) within the various sections to their desired location within the section.
  4. To reorder or organize sections, click Reorder Sections in the horizontal navigation bar.
    The Reorder Sections box will appear.
  5. Click and drag the sections (the gray boxes) to their desired location.
  6. Click Done to confirm your changes.
  7. Click Save Menu in the lower right-hand corner to save your changes. 
  8. Remember to complete a Build.
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