Once an order is placed by the customer and sent to you to prepare, you will first need to confirm the order (even if there are changes or refunds to be made). You will then need to call support at 1-866-509-7127 and request your change or refund, and it will be taken care of by our support team. Unfortunately, there is no way to complete these tasks on your own

Types of changes include but not limited to:

  1. Changing the actual order itself, such as changing the items being ordered.
  2. Adding or removing a tip.
  3. Any other change that would change the order total being charged (Even if customer is paying by cash. Your sales numbers are recorded and will throw off your reporting if not properly adjusted in the system.)

**If order was placed as a cash payment, please still report any changes or refunds to our support team to ensure that your reporting numbers are accurate.**