Each business is required to have an order notification option in place though Total Loyalty does offer a 24/7 back-up order tracking and support service as a courtesy, in case of device malfunction. This involves our support team watching incoming orders for all of our merchants and ensuring that they are received and acknowledged in a timely manner. If an order appears to have been missed (not acknowledged by the merchant within a couple of minutes), the support team will contact your business directly by phone.

Order Notification Options

Data Printer: Requires device purchase plus a monthly data fee

WiFi Tablet: Requires device purchase only, no additional monthly fees; must have reliable WiFi

SMS Text: Fee per text but may add as many cell phone numbers as you’d like but only one would need to confirm the order

Email: No charge and can add as many email addresses as you’d like, but only one would need to confirm the order

Fax + IVR Call: Fee per fax and additional fee per call

IVR Call Only: Fee per call

For additional information, please contact your TLS Coach or email [email protected]