Below is an example and explanation of the monthly TLS Website Reporting that you will be receiving from  your coach. For further questions, please contact your coach directly, or email [email protected]


VISITORS: The number/percentage of New Visitors and Returning Visitors to your website and the number of Sessions each of those Visitors had.

DEVICES: The number/percentage of the top three Devices used by Visitors to access your website.

PAGEVIEWS: The top five pages that Users viewed while visiting your website as well as the number of times they viewed each of those pages. Unique Pageviews are generated by the same User during the same Session. When a User visits a web page once or even multiple times during a specific session, it is counted as a Unique Pageview. (The Page titled “/” is your home page)

ACQUISITION: The top five methods Users used to visit your website and number of Users that used each method listed. (Note: There can be multiple Facebook referrals. The “l” or “lm”, in front of a Facebook referral is a privacy measure introduced by Facebook to protect the privacy of the user and protect users from malicious sites. The “m” in front of a Facebook referral is mobile.)

VISITORS BY DAY: The number of Users that visited your website and the number of Sessions (or number of times) that those Users visited your Website.